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The Doubloon Coin from The Goonies – Emotional Resilience

Remember that old classic 80’s flick The goonies?

I was educating my wife on 80’s films at the weekend and this was one of my favourites from when I was a kid, so we chose to bask in nostalgia for an evening.

One scene stuck out to me for a rather poignant reason totally unrelated to the film’s narrative.

Remember that scene where the boy raises the old doubloon coin and lines it up with the landscape and looks through the gaps of the coin to reveal where the pirate treasure is hidden?

I thought to myself Wow, Perspective is a fine thing.

We all see life from our own perspective, and it is nothing like anyone else’s, in fact it is completely unique. When dealing with other human beings we can find ourselves caught up in a world of emotion, whether it be regret, sadness, anger or some other feelings that we attach to situations brought about by our own or someone else’s actions.

Sometimes in life we hold our own Spanish Doubloon Coin up and hold it over the landscape. The coin uniquely weathered by our environment, upbringing, surroundings, guidance, and experience over time. This provides us with a template for the land to fit into.

If we look at the landscape as the actions of others and for some reason the contours of the land do not fit in to the gaps on our doubloon coin then it can be easy to place judgments on these land masses. This then leads to emotions getting the better of us. We judge the situation based on our own perspective.

Remember that some people have their own uniquely shaped Doubloon Coin.

Socrates reminds us that “Nobody does wrong willingly”.  They simply view the world through a different coin and their action may be OK from their perspective.

Other people’s actions do not disturb and upset us, it’s our own judgments on their actions that make our emotions come to the surface. We dwell on these judgments and waste valuable time, lose sleep, think about them when we should be in the moment with our loved ones or concentrating on our own personal development.

It is inevitable that the emotional landscape looks different to everyone, so when someone is pushing my buttons, I try to remember the experiences that shaped my values and offer my brothers and sisters support instead of judgement. This helps me maintain my tranquillity.

I keep my doubloon coin where it belongs, in a treasure chest along with all my life’s treasures that I have discovered on reflection of emotional experiences.

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