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VideOdyssey: Back to the future Podcast

Andy Johnson runs a company called VideOdyssey which is the worlds last video shop where you can go and enjoy old 80’s VHS films in private viewing rooms as well as rent video players and videos. Join us as we reminisce about how we loved video shops back in the day and how it shaped a generation and learn about Andy’s cyclic journey from working in a video shop when he was in his teens…


The Healthy Gut Company Podcast

On this podcast I am joined by Ruth Joseph and Andy Johnson. Ruth runs The Healthy Gut Company and brew kombucha for the masses. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is super healthy for your gut and in turn your brain. As I have learned from Ruth the relationship between the gut and the brain is a strong one and if your gut is happy then so is your brain. Join us as we…


Mental Health Awareness Day with Liverpool Live Radio

Listen to Dave talk about what to expect at the mental health awareness day at St James Community Centre and how Dave and Andy got started on their journey. The show is called The Lads and it airs every Sunday at 1800 on Liverpool Live Radio Station. Andy and Dickie Mint talk to Dave Hargreaves from MBS Connections and Method Monk about the signs of mental ill health and how life coaching could work for…

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