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Community focused
training and positive engagement programs

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health awareness, stigma – misconceptions, stereotyping and discrimination, identifying and responding to our own mental health needs, identifying and supporting mental health issues in others, wellbeing workshops, wellbeing fairs

Life skills

Living independently, finance and budgeting, domestic skills, maintaining a tenancy, communication and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, improving self-esteem and building confidence.


CV writing, interview techniques, working with others – interpersonal skills, reliability and dependability, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.


Communication models, effective communication, the art of listening, barriers to communication, mediums of communication.

Customer Services

What is quality customer service, providing a 5 STAR service, communication, positive and negative language, managing Complaints, going the extra mile.

Employments Etiquette and Ethics

Working with others, culture & values, supporting others, timekeeping and attendance, sustainable development goals, performance management.


Boxing, basketball, Brazilian ju-jitsu and more…

Drama / Arts & Craft

Drama / music / dance classes & workshops, research and writing, set & costume design, choreography, arts & crafts, performance and more…

Nature & Environment

Nature / coastal walks, local animal and plant life, protecting our environment, orienteering and more…

Media & Technology

Social media, videography, editing, documentary making, building a YouTube channel and more…

Gardening & Horticulture

Planting, trees and wildflowers, growing fruit & vegetables, community gardens, volunteering and more…

Community Support

Volunteering, social supermarkets, community cafes, supporting our elders, environmental awareness, appreciating diversity and more…

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