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The Doubloon Coin from The Goonies – Emotional Resilience

Remember that old classic 80’s flick The goonies? I was educating my wife on 80’s films at the weekend and this was one of my favourites from when I was a kid, so we chose to bask in nostalgia for an evening. One scene stuck out to me for a rather poignant reason totally unrelated to the film’s narrative. Remember that scene where the boy raises the old doubloon coin and lines it up with…


WYLD STALLYNS! – Managing fear

Remember the old classic 80’s flick Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure? I revisit this film every now and again, just for that nostalgic feeling and to listen to the old soft metal soundtrack. It takes me right back to 8-year-old me pumping these bodacious tunes through the futuristic technology of a cassette Walkman. Those were the days.... What was the name of the band that Bill and Ted formed? When I watched it this time…

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